Warehousing and Storage

Are You Storing Excess Furniture and Parts in Your Office?

LetourneauKeller’s Houston-based showroom includes a warehouse over 50,000square feet. We are able to provide dedicated units for all of our customers, and our unbeatable storage rates will save you money!

How Would a Storage Option Benefit My Business?

Has your business gone from zero to sixty in a short period of time? If so, youmay find yourself looking for more space quickly. Our warehouse provides aclean, secure, and affordable way to store your furniture. This allows for youroffice space to not be crammed with unused or overflow items. We have avariety of storage options available, give us a call today for details!

How Do I Know My Items are Safe?

Our facility is closely monitored via alarm and video surveillance 24-hours aday, seven days a week by both our warehouse employees. LK is not liable for any furniture items stored. Customers are required to provide/purchase offsite contents storage insurance on all items stored and take pictures

What are My Storage Options?

Our clients use our warehouse as an easy solution for managing incoming shipments from multiple manufacturers. With a warehouse of over 50,000 square feet, LetourneauKeller is able to assist with receiving trucks with product delivery to our warehouse for you! Once the product is received in our warehouse, we inventory each piece and make sure all items are received. Once complete our professional team of technicians will deliver and install at the time of installation.

What Types of Items Can We Provide Storage Services?

  • Workstations

  • Desks

  • Task, Guest, and Conference Chairs

  • Lounge Seating

  • Conference Tables

  • Storage cabinets and Credenzas

  • Finished products

Whatever your office furniture storage needs may be – remember, don’t panic about growth. It’s a good thing!

A warehouse


We are able to provide dedicated units for all of our customers, and our unbeatable storage rates will save you money!




There’s nothing that elevates the status of your healthcare facility quite like comfortable and stylish furniture. Find everything you need for your doctor’s office, dentist office, or any major healthcare facility from LetourneauKeller.

Office Lounge


Want to be taken seriously? Then you need gorgeous, yet affordable, office furniture from LetourneauKeller. We’ve proudly outfitted several local government offices with lobby loungers, entire private suites, and reception desks.



LetourneauKeller offers affordable office furniture for every corporate office setting. Whether you need new chairs in the lobby or an entire private suite, you can find everything you need from us.



Transform your learning center into a place students and staff want to be. LetourneauKeller has everything you need for classrooms, lecture halls, and learning center lobbies. Education isn’t boring and the furniture shouldn’t be either.

LetourneauKeller designed our new office space and we couldn’t be happier. Quality products and attention to detail brought our space together nicely.

Industry Alliance

The team at LetourneauKeller worked endlessly to make sure all of our design and space requirements were met. We are very pleased with how responsive and professional they were throughout the entire project.

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