Maintenance & Repair Services

maintenance and repair service

What is the Benefit of Having Maintenance and Warranty on Office Furniture?

Extending the life of existing office furniture can be both cost-effective and keep your furniture looking new!  This is a great option considering how much your company has invested in these furnishings.  LetourneauKeller can assist with all of your office furniture service repairs, from minor scratches to the need for a complete refinish of wood products.  We understand that aged office furniture doesn’t always have to be replaced.

What Types of Service Repairs Does LetourneauKeller Provide?

We provide a wide variety of furniture maintenance and repair services that will meet your expectations and your budget.  Our professional service technicians have the appropriate tools, replacement parts and certified skills to repair and maintain our manufacturer’s products under warranty terms.  Our team knows when and how to provide the maintenance services as required or specified by the manufacturer.  We want to make sure that your products remain safe to use and in good work order.

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