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Our experienced and team-driven design team at LetourneauKeller is determined in making sure we understand all details and needs for your workplace!  We are committed to making sure we provide the most efficient and unique work environment for our customers, that will set your office apart from everyone else!

Our design process is one that has been developed with over 35 years of experience and makes it easy for our customers to understand all of the details that must be verified and checked off when furnishing their office.  The office furniture selection process involves several details that will need to be verified to make sure all items fit and function correctly in the space.

space planning

These details can sometimes be overwhelming to some when they are also maintaining the constant workload of other daily tasks.  Our team is determined to not let this process be overwhelming and we are ready to assist with handling a lot of these details and concerns for you!  Our design team and other professionals will prepare a detailed design proposal that includes pricing for all requested furniture selections, and possible alternatives if needed.  We also provide layout options if there is more than one layout that may work better if needed as well.

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