Project Management

Our team at LetourneauKeller is fully equipped to manage your office furniture project, from start to finish!

From corporate and educational settings to government and healthcare, we’ve consistently delivered on time and within budget.

What Is The Process Of A Managed Project?

Once we understand your requirements, LetourneauKeller will also assist you in developing a preliminary furniture plan and budget for your project.  This allows our customers to see the big picture early in your planning process, and know what to realistically expect.  Once that is established, we will handle all of the logistics for you from start to finish.  Some of these include ordering all items, scheduling delivery and installation, floor and wall surface protection during install, and disposal of waste upon completion. We will also work with building management as needed for you as well. Our work is not done until the furniture is wiped down, leveled, adjusted, checked, and accepted by you!

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