Electrostatic Painting

What is Electrostatic Spray-Painting?

Electrostatic painting is a great way to update many types of furniture in your office!  LetourneauKeller’s warehouse includes an electrostatic painting booth, so all work is done in-house and can quickly be turned around.  Our professional team members use positively-charged paint particles from a specialized paint gun to coat metal surfaces, evenly and with very little overspray or waste.

How Does Electrostatic Spray-Painting Work?

It works using positively charged ions attached to atomized particles. These particles gravitate to grounded, negatively charged metal. Much like a balloon with static electricity, the charge “sticks” the tinted particles (the paint) to the object and disperses it evenly.  Beyond that, it’s much like standard spray painting, but without the mess!

What Electrostatic Spray-Paint Colors Does LetourneauKeller Offer?

Just about any color that you can buy in a standard version is available in electrostatic paint. The pros at LetourneauKeller can color match to just about any existing palate, to update or match your existing office furniture!  LetourneauKeller’s warehouse includes an electrostatic painting booth, so all work is done in-house and can quickly be turned around.

All of our work is done on-site at our Houston, Texas showroom!  With our in-house electrostatic paint booth, all work can be turned around quickly!

electrostatic painting

How Does Electrostatic Paint Compare to Powder Coating?

Powder coating is technically a type of electrostatic painting.  Both electrostatic paint and powder coating use coating processes that use an electrical charge for even distribution along a grounded surface. They make excellent finishes for curved and odd-shaped metal objects.  But, that is where the similarities end.

Powder coating uses a dry powder and requires baking in an oven at 400 degrees or higher. During this hot curing process, the powder melts slightly to provide a smooth, thick, hard finish.  Electrostatic Painting uses a wet applied covering on-site for a smooth, even finish that is thinner and color-matched.

How Do I Get an Electrostatic Paint Quote?

Our team loves being able to help bring life back to your metal office furniture and filing cabinets!  Just contact us by clicking the button below and tell us what you have.  We will send a professional out to provide you a quote!

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